ISO 9001:2015

This certificate certifies that RHOBA-Chemie GmbH has introduced a quality management system and uses it effectively.

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ISO 45001:2018

his certificate certifies that RHOBA-Chemie GmbH has introduced an environmental management system and uses it effectively.

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Halal Certificate

This certificate attests that some of our products are classified as "pure" [tahir] according to the ritual Islamic regulations and are therefore evaluated as "halal".

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RHOBA-Chemie guidelines in line with the German Responsible Care program – RESPONSIBLE ACTION –

  1. Safety and protection of people and the environment are of fundamental importance for RHOBA-Chemie. For this reason, the RHOBA-Chemie management has formulated guidelines for responsible action that are based on this overarching principle. In addition, the measures and procedures are defined with which these requirements are implemented by the company and its employees in operational practice and regularly checked for new requirements and adjusted accordingly if necessary.
  2. RHOBA-Chemie raises the awareness of safety and the environment among its employees. It sharpens their awareness of possible environmental pollution caused by products or by the operation of the systems.  
  3. RHOBA-Chemie respects the public's need for transparency in connection with products, processes and activities and responds constructively.  
  4. RHOBA-Chemie constantly improves the safety of their products: in the selection of raw materials, in production, storage, transport, distribution, application, recycling and disposal.
  5. RHOBA-Chemie takes health, safety, and environmental aspects into account both in the development of new products and production processes and in dialogue with customers, processors and users.  
  6. RHOBA-Chemie As part of its product responsibility, it provides information on regulations on the safe transport, storage, safe use, recycling, and disposal of its products. This applies in particular to customers, processors and users.    
  7. RHOBA-Chemie continuously expands knowledge about its products and processes, especially with regard to possible effects on people and the environment in all phases of the life cycle. 
  8. RHOBA-Chemie regardless of economic interests, will limit the marketing of products or discontinue their production if, based on the results of a scientific risk assessment, precautionary measures to protect against hazards to health and the environment require this.
  9. RHOBA-Chemie operates safe production facilities. Should there be any recognizable dangers to health or the environment, Rhoba-Chemie immediately initiates the necessary measures, works closely with the authorities and, if necessary, also informs the public in detail and comprehensively.  
  10. RHOBA-Chemie actively contributes its knowledge and experience to the development of practical and effective laws, regulations, norms, and standards in order to guarantee the protection of people and the environment in the long term. 
  11. RHOBA-Chemie operates and promotes dialogue with all business partners and users.
  12. RHOBA-Chemie expressly supports the national Responsible Care program – RESPONSIBLE ACTION –
    To meet these requirements, RHOBA-Chemie permanently provides sufficient resources for implementation in the company.