More than 25 years of innovative German cutting-edge technology

Your partner for high-quality specialty chemical products

RHOBA-Chemie GmbH offers its partners high-quality and environmentally safe special chemical products. We develop, produce, and sell our specialty chemicals for a wide range of applications. We pay particular attention to the development of our product portfolio for the aviation industry. As this sector holds above-average safety requirements on special chemical products, we ensure that the quality of our portfolio meets those requirements. 

Highest quality standards

When selecting raw materials, we ensure the highest quality standards are met.  Highest standards are also applied throughout our entire production process. 

We make sure, that our processes are safe, efficient, and fast.  We respond individually and flexibly to the wishes of our customers.  Beside our high-quality products we also offer a variety of services like machine cleaning, fluid management and special filling services.

Safety and environment

RHOBA-Chemie is committed to comply with the Responsible Care guidelines – RESPONSIBLE ACTION – which are bindingly defined by the ICCA, the world chemical association’s Responsible Care Global Charter. We strengthen and promote the awareness of safety and the environment among our employees and sharpen their awareness of possible environmental pollution caused by products or by production or service operation. RHOBA-Chemie takes responsibility for a sustainable future and permanently makes a voluntary contribution that goes far beyond the legal requirements.  This has also been made clear for years by the voluntary TÜV certifications according to ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety).

But that's not enough for the managing director of RHOBA-Chemie, Dipl. Ing. Andreas Pawlik.  Together with his employees, he repeatedly questions possibilities to improve the social, ecological, and economic aspects.  For example, the team carries out an energy audit on regular base.  The findings from those audits, for example to save energy, are implemented immediately.  Long before the term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) emerged, the company was already acting accordingly.  This includes conscientious entrepreneurial action, considering environmental aspects, responsible treatment of employees and social responsibility and care.

Individual, customer-oriented service

RHOBA-Chemie GmbH stands for innovative German cutting-edge technology and customer-oriented services.  Proximity to customers is our practice.  To offer you most satisfying product solutions and services we ensure to understand your individual requirements.  

RHOBA-Chemie GmbH - your innovative partner for special chemical products.  SCHNELL.  FLEXIBEL.  CLEVER.