Our services

Filling services

Individual and flexible - customized filling services

  • Small quantities 
  • Many different packages sizes 
  • From 60 ml/g to 1000 l/kg

Even smaller quantities and special sizes on your request. 

*We can also design your individual labels according to your wishes and ideas.
*We fill for you and design the labels according to your ideas and wishes.


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Fluid Management

Smart Fluid Monitoring

Why automate?

  • Fully automatic measurement and dosing 

  • Scalable for up to 100 machines 

  • High efficiency   

  • High process reliability 

  • Better homogeneous surface qualities 

  • Comprehensive KSS analysis tools

  • Cost savings of up to 40% possible

Analysis. Control. Adjustment.

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Own laboratory

Your individual product portfolio under your own brand. You make the difference in your region!  

In our laboratory we develop innovative solutions for a wide range of applications for you. Our products are innovative and highly effective.  They are designed to perform without difficult instructions and long explanations. Use our laboratory for the development of your own brand portfolio.

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Maschine cleaning

Fluid Management-Service

  • Machine cleaning
  • Monitoring Maintenance

  • Care

  • Disposal

Take advantage of our offer for professional machine cleaning. From cleaning to disposal, we take over the entire process.

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Start over with your new brand

Your own brand portfolio

Create your own premium chemical products under your own name, your own logo, with your own design – your own brand.  Whether you want to add a single product or a new product family to your portfolio we help you to extent your customer offer. 

Premium products from RHOBA-Chemie under your brand identity are a perfect combination to customer proximity and trust.

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