Machine cleaning

Increase your process reliability!

Today's care - tomorrow's process reliability!

What does it mean?

Within just a few years, processing machines have developed more and more into complex systems that also place ever higher demands on the cooling lubricants used:

Ever higher machining pressures, higher spindle speeds and more demanding materials e.g. (Inconel, titanium) have to be machined in ever shorter times. As a result, not only the tools but also the emulsions are exposed to ever greater stress.

These factors result in little or no rest periods for the cooling lubricant. Due to time pressure in production, maintenance measures can sometimes not be carried out, or only insufficiently.

If the parameters interact in an unfavourable way, the emulsion may "tip over" in the processing machine.


Bacteria are responsible for this, endangering the entire process safety through unstable emulsions or foam, or causing a strong odour or even corrosion on the tools or workpieces.

Once this condition is reached, the system can no longer be saved and professional cleaning becomes urgently necessary.

In the last 15 years and after more than thousands of machine cleanings, we have gained extensive experience in the field of machine cleaning.

We can ensure that the process reliability is restored and guaranteed in the long term.

Our service offer

Machine cleaning:

  • Your emulsion is completely pumped out by experienced service technicians
  • Chips, impurities, leakage oil etc. are safely removed and disposed of
  • The machine is completely cleaned
  • Disinfection of tanks and machine if necessary

Significantly extended service life:

  • In a cleaned system, the machining centre can again operate reliably in the process
  • No odour nuisance, wrong concentration or abrasion in the emulsion
  • Significant reduction of tool wear
  • Longer service life of your machine

Certified laboratory services:

  • In our laboratory, which is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, far more parameters than required by TRGS 611 can be determined
  • Regular checks enable early detection of microbial contamination and appropriate measures can be taken.

Your advantage and benefit

  • Relief from necessary and cost-intensive cleaning and disposal tasks
  • Process reliability and safety for your employees
  • Extension of the cooling lubricant service life
  • Increased economic efficiency through cost reductions in the process