Start over with your own brand

Your own brand portfolio

Create your own premium chemical products under your own name, your own logo, with your own design – your own brand.  Whether you want to add a single product or a new product family to your portfolio we help you to extent your customer offer. 

Premium products from RHOBA-Chemie under your brand identity are a perfect combination to customer proximity and trust.


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Private label products for your brand

  • High-quality technical products with your logo 
  • In your individual design

Own laboratory

Your individual product portfolio under your own brand. You make the difference in your region!  

In our laboratory we develop innovative solutions for a wide range of applications for you. Our products are innovative and highly effective.  They are designed to perform without difficult instructions and long explanations. Use our laboratory for the development of your own brand portfolio.

Our range of services



  • We consult and advise on the different applications of our products  
  • Together with you we identify  develop statt identify“cross-sell" potentials 
  • We determine demand for high quality care and maintenance products  
  • We analyse additional market potentials

The way to your own brand portfolio

  • We create your own labels for small packages  
  • From the smallest of 100 ml or even smaller, if required,  up to 1000 litre IBC 
  • Out of our portfolio of packages you can select your own packages style and shape 
  • We create necessary data sheets and safety data sheets with your brand and can also including your item number nomenclature 
  • All-inclusive a 4-page product flyer / product brochure

Our support for you

  • Our professional team will train your staff on product applications  
  • Individual expert advice is available through our technical sales staff 
  • Access to our laboratory services 
  • Individual product development - together we implement your ideas for new products or develop ideas to improve the performance of your existing products

Your benefits

  • Additional revenues for your company 
  • Strengthens the trust in your brand 
  • State-of-the-art printing technology enables even smallest printing editions  
  • Opportunity to explore new markets, new innovative products or implement additional languages ​​ 
  • Premium products from RHOBA-Chemie offer you security 
  • You create closeness with and confidence for your customers
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