Fluid Management

Smart Fluid Monitoring

Why automate?

  • Fully automatic measurement and dosing 
  • Scalable for up to 100 machines 
  • High efficiency   
  • High process reliability 
  • Better homogeneous surface qualities 
  • Comprehensive KSS analysis tools 
  • Cost savings of up to 40% possible


Analysis. Control. Adjustment.

Coolant management calculator

With the Brisco Systems eMix 1500, concentration and level variations are things of the past.

Manual effort and associated maintenance costs are significantly reduced. 

Our new calculator will show you what you can save! 

Just enter your details and find out the level of savings.  If you have any questions, you can always contact our qualified staff.


Calculate saving potentials

Real time data visualisation

Real-time data analysis portal

Visualization of all measurement data

Modern KSS management saves time and money.  Benefit from longer tool life and up to 25% concentrate savings, as well as reduction of working hours.

  • Real-time data on all tanks 

  • KSS data is saved, visualized and processed further

  • Can be easily integrated into existing CRM systems

Intelligent emulsion mixing with the Brisco Systems eMix1500 system

eMix1500 System

  • Keeps a constant concentration level  

  • Automatic control of filling level  

  • Individual control of up to 100 tanks 

  • Latest mixing technology for the high-quality emulsions 

  • Controls temperature to avoid KSS temperature shocks 

  • Increases efficiency and productivity


Typical configuration of the eMix 1500 for 2 tanks

The system automatically regulates the filling levels and independently calculates the concentrations of the emulsion to be tracked.

  • Easy to install and expandable 
  • From individual machine monitoring to complex system applications 
  • Latest mixing technology for high-quality emulsions



Fully automatic coolant monitoring

The FCM810 measures and monitors the cooling lubricant of the individual tanks fully automatically

  • Fluctuations in concentration and fill level are reduced to a minimum

  • Manual work steps can be automated  

  • Automatic real-time measurement of pH value, concentration, conductivity and temperature 

  • In combination with the eMix1500 fully automatic concentration control


Typical configuration with an FCM810 & eMix1500

The system automatically measures, monitors and doses the coolant in the individual tanks and automatically regulates the fill levels and concentrations.

  • Fluctuations in concentration and level are reduced to a minimum 

  • Automation of manual work steps

  • Automatic real-time measurement of pH value, concentration, conductivity and temperature 

  • Fully automatic concentration control in combination with the eMix1500 

  • Manual sources of error are eliminated 

  • Increased efficiency and productivity



Two specialists – one solution with a unique selling point

  • Process reliability through automation
  • Transparency, control, and optimisation of costs - the complete solution
  • Digital networking and online supported documentation
  • Optimisation of consumption planning, documentation for quality control (10 years)
  • Installation service by RHOBA-Chemie, the turnkey solution
  • From financing to installation and maintenance - everything from a single source
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