rhobaAIR RHOBASOL 5503

Old productname: RHOBA ALTIA O204

High-performance solvent cleaner for intensive degreasing and cleaning. Usable for dry cleaning.

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  • cleans painted and unpainted surfaces 
  •  has been proven in the metal and plastics industry 
  • dissolves oils, greases, gumming, waxes, preservatives, deposits, etc. 
  • evaporates without residue and does not attack the material surface 
  • complies with international aviation approvals Boeing DG-17487 Rev. M, AMS 1526B, BMW Rolls Royce CSS 266 u. 267

RHOBA ALTIA O204 is a ready-to-use, mild smelling solvent cleaner for intensive degreasing and cleaning. It safely removes greases, oils, corrosion protection coatings, preservations. Environmental dirt, deposits, etc. can be removed in an ultrasonic bath (room temperature), in a hydro sonic-assisted immersion bath, in small parts cleaners as well as by immersion, spraying and wiping. The product has dried and subsequent work steps can be carried out if no visible film remains on the surface.

Appearance clear colourless liquid
Density at 20 °C  approx. 0.77 g/ml

Storage temperature: 5-30 °C 
Shelf life: 12 months

Check material compatibility in an inconspicuous place before use. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions! No liability can be accepted for improper use and resulting damage.