Old productname: RHOBASUR S 105 EP

Multifunctional degreasing, rust removal and phosphating concentrate. Used in spraying processes, in single and multi-chamber systems and in high-pressure equipment.

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  • Concentration determination
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  • Note
  • thoroughly cleans light metals and ferrous materials
  • can be added via a pH-value-controlled liquid metering pump
  • ideal as a temporary corrosion protection and adhesion base for the following painting and powder coating processes

RHOBA SUPRA V102 is a liquid combination product for simultaneous degreasing and phosphating and can be used by spraying, in single and multi-chamber systems, and by means of high-pressure equipment.


Application Concentration Temperature Processing time Spray pressure
Spraying 1,5 - 3,0 wt.% 55 - 60 °C 1 - 3 min 1,0 - 2,0 bar

For optimum results, the pH value must be adjusted to 4.5 - 4.8 by adding RHOBA SUPRA Z401. The pH-value should be checked regularly. In case of particularly heavy soiling, degreasing can be intensified with RHOBA SUPRA Z404. The addition amounts to 0.05 - 0.5 %. After cleaning/phosphating, rinse the treated components with water

When using a high-pressure cleaner in a circulation process, we recommend a bath addition of 3% and at least 60°C.
If a defoamer is necessary, we recommend RHOBA PURIA S103 or RHOBA PURIA S104.


10ml of the cleaning bath to be tested is added to a 250ml Erlenmeyer flask using a pipette. Add 50 ml of deionized water and 5 drops of the indicator solution (phenolphthalein solution, 1%). With 0.1M sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH), tritrate until the color changes from colorless to pink or red.

Calculation of concentration:
Concentration (Vol.%) = [consumption 0.1M sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH in ml)] x 0.31

Appearence clear, brownish
Density at 20 °C approx. 1,22 g/ml
ph value at 20 °C 2 - 3

Check material compatibility in an inconspicuous place before use. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions!

No liability can be accepted for improper use and resulting damage.