Old productname: RHOBACLEAN 13 KL

Descaling concentrate for cleaning of high-pressure, hot-water and steamjet equipment, immersion baths, continuous degreasing systems, phosphating equipment and cooling circuits.

  • Properties
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  • Note
  • suitable for plastics, only conditionally suitable for aluminium and non-ferrous metals
  • no foam development
  • the pH range is strongly acidic
Application Concentration Temperature Processing time
Immersion and ultrasonic bath 10-20 Vol.% 20-60 °C depending on degree of soiling
Spraying 10-20 Vol.% 20-60 °C depending on degree of soiling

Always rinse with water. Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces.

Use in cooling circuits:

Add the product to the circulating water of the entire system until the pH value 1 is reached and remains constant. To neutralise add RHOBA PURIA Z202 (RHOBA-KLA) until the pH value 8 is reached and stabilised. Drain all the water and refill with fresh water, adding the appropriate special RHOBA cooling circuit treatment products. Permanent monitoring of the cooling water is conducted by our application technologists.

Application in degreasing and phosphating plants:

Add the product to the entire plant system. the nozzles must be removed/checked, as the layers to be removed flake off in pieces during the cleaning process, which can lead to blockages. Before draining the used RHOBA LAVIA W101, add RHOBA PURIA Z202 for neutralisation until the pH-value 8 is reached and stabilised.

Before discharge, the regulations of the water supervisory authority must be observed and followed!

Appearance clear yellow/brownish liquid
Density at 20 °C approx. 1.17 g/ml pH value
pH value at 20 °C approx. 1.0

Before use, check material compatibility on an inconspicuous spot. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning and care instructions! No liability can be accepted for improper use and any resulting damage.